There is a DIFFERENCE between being a gentleman and relentlessly insisting to help a woman who has repeatedly expressed that she does not want your help or attention. Now you are not respecting boundaries. How can you not realize this.


Golden Mornings (by Morphicx)

note to self don’t scroll through tumblr @ your church group’s bonfire


Lovely meeting | (by David Olkarny)

Things Not to do in a Corporate-Owned Retail Store


1. If you are upset about something that happened during your experience in the store that doesn’t have to do with a employee’s behavior, do not take it out on your cashier or a sales associate. Chances are, they have no control over the situation at all. Remember that Corporations are run by…

"A Jesus who never wept could never wipe away my tears."

Charles Spurgeon (via godmoves)

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Nasreen Mohamedi
Ink on diary page, entry dated March 1981
uh oh. did someone forget? haha. candle parties!

i showered in the dark which was bad/fun and luckily did not catch on fire from the many candles that i lit. power has been restored woohoo!

apparently we did not pay our electric bill

when Chris wrote “Riptide is a good song” on Gavin’s back windshield